In Augest 2015 during a testing day I had an unfortunate accident that resulted in us colliding with a tree and damaging our rally car beyond any reasonable point of repair. Thankfully due to the safety equipment we walked away from the accident. Over the next year and a half we prepared a new shell – while it maintains the same basic driveline as the the old one – it’s lighter, stronger, easier to work on and has some really fun stuff integrated into it including electric power steering (No more cavitating and boiling fluid!) and being completely rewired from scratch. While I won’t say its ‘finished’, more in a constant state of flux, we had our first event at the Cochrane Winter Rally and placed 2nd in 2wd! The car wasn’t quite set up right, but throughout the day we started to push harder, little by little, and we look forward to fighting for first over the next events! Either way, we’re super happy to be back racing! (Crash photos courtesy of Kris Schofield)