After spectating at their first local rally in 2009 they quickly caught the rally bug and purchased their first car in 2009. While it took them almost a year to get it on stage, they did it and have been racing ever since. Now in their third car and in their seventh season of performance rally, they’ve come a long way since their first event.

Piotre - 01 Dan has a personality that suits navigating – methodical and striving for perfection, errors in the pace notes are very rare – almost non-existent. A training in electronics allows for the fabrication and improvement of an otherwise difficult area of race vehicles – this includes wiring their third competition vehicle completely from scratch. Matt is very mechanically inclined which allows most of the required mechanical and fabrication work to be done in their garage. Having a different personality than Dan, one that works well under pressure, has the advantage of being able to get things done very quickly when needed.

Both Dan and Matt are constantly improving , learning and becoming more proficient in their respective sides of the car. Their 2013 move to Open 2wd has opened up a new set of challenges for both of them, but as always, puts great smiles on their faces. After an accident that damaged the car beyond repair they began a new build from the ground up – while it took nearly a year and a half they hit the ground running and secured a 2nd place finish at their first event back.