Pacific Forest Rally 2010Hummel Rally started out in a Production class 1987 VW Golf, powered by a bone stock 1.8l 8v engine with power being fed to the ground through a factory close ratio transmission. The low power highlighted just how important conserving momentum really was, and while it wasn’t the fastest machine out there both Dan and Matt learned many valuable lessons from the car. Its low running cost left cash to do as many events as possible, and get lots of seat time in the process – it really was the perfect learning vehicle.

Pacific Forest Rally 2013

In early 2013 they were given the opportunity to purchase a vehicle which had previously won the 2wd Canadian Rally Championship more than once. They jumped on the purchase and ended up with an Open 2wd VW GTi, the vehicle which they currently campaign. While mechanically similiar from the factory the newer GTi is faster, stronger and more competitive than the old car – it propelled them to their first ever win at Pacific Forest Rally 2013 in their first outing with it.

After an accident in summer 2015 damaged the car beyond repair. a new shell was acquired and prepared for competition use. This included a complete tear down, thorough removal of all sound deadening, seam sealer and unnecessary weight and a rebuild that incorporated many new changes. The result is a car that is lighter, stronger, more reliable and more competitive.


  • VW GTi – Stripped, seam welded and lightened – FIA legal roll cage – Lexan front/rear windows – Light pod with PIAA lamps – ‘Kit car’ Headlamps – Fiberglass radiator support – OMP FIA seats – 6pt harness’ – OMP steering wheel – Custom dash – Custom wiring harness – Underbody protection – Aluminium skid plate – Electric power steering – Relocated battery and spare tire – Rearward located driving position –


  • Girling calipers- 10.1″ front, 9.4″ rear drilled/slotted disks – Porterfield brake pads – Pedal box/bias bar braking system – Hydraulic handbrake – Stainless brake lines – Rear wheel scrapers – HotBits rally coilovers – Spherical front strut mounts w/reinforced towers – Poly suspension bushings – braced subframe and control arms –


  • 2L 16v high compression ABF engine – Forged pistons – Ported/polished head – Long duration camshafts – Euro intake manifold – External catch can – SDS engine management – 02A cable shift transaxle – Kaaz plate differential – 4.2:1 final drive – MSD spark management – Electric power steering conversion –